A Beautiful Validation

Today I thought of an interesting metaphor. Ever wondered why plastic isn’t good for our environment? The answer is simple – because it doesn’t degenerate. It’s something we can produce in abundance, but something which is very difficult to recycle or destroy. Hence it is unhealthy.

Now, apply the same logic to tradition, religion or even a thought. If it doesn’t change or progress over time, it is unhealthy. Everything that comes to life has to die; only then will the cycle function properly.

This is in opposition to our mentality as humans. We always want things to last, continue and live. I can’t help but wonder – just like we are finding it difficult to deal with our own plastic waste, are we also struggling to recycle and deal with our thoughts and habits? Our traditions and past? Just like how it’s so easy to discard a plastic bottle into the bin, it’s equally easy to dump a thought that bothers us, to the back of our minds.

What we fail to realize is this – just like the fact that at one point of time we will be living amongst, on and finally beneath our own waste – we will be smothered, bogged down and miserably fail under the pressure of the thoughts that we supposedly “discarded” a long time back.

Why does that happen? We’ve for sure dealt with the problem superficially but it’s not over, it hasn’t died. It’s there on the face of this planet, living with and inside of you. At this moment I’m not sure what I’m more concerned about; the plastic planet or the plastic society of ours, where all we see around these days are things that last but have long gone passed away or even worse, never came to life.

Giving my cynicism a rest for a moment I try to focus on the lush green trees around me automatically I feel more connected to the non-plastic part of the planet and myself. Problems do exist. There is a constant turmoil inside and outside of us. But it’s also true that we are always capable of and never really have to handle or deal with something we can’t take care of.

Just like each of us has a capacity to create, we have a capacity to destroy. Hence, why create something in the first place that one day we know will not die a natural death?

For sure, solutions like plastic are quick and convenient, just as convenient as pushing away and not accepting so many things in life. What you don’t deal with now will give you convenience – but soon you’ll be surrounded by a bigger and much worse problem.

The tree underneath which I’m sitting seems happy with the way I’m thinking as it unexpectedly has dropped a dry brown leaf on my lap; a leaf that has completed the cycle of life and will return to where it came from. I smile and cry at the same time. What a beautiful validation!

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