A Sweet Reverie

I wonder where it all went. Did time wear it out? I don’t know. But the evidence that is left back is daunting. It is a proof to a greater reality that existed once upon a time. The cold breeze, the buzzing sound of a bee and the loud silence makes me question; what must have been the scenario then? The space might have been physically destroyed to a large extent but the soul in it still exists, like it always does. Soon everything comes to life, the way it was back then. Time stops and I am caught back in the moment. I don’t know if it is the vibe of the place or my mere imagination. I am in a different dimension altogether, where the reality begins to fade.

 I hear the market buzzing with the sounds of people hurrying their way through the day. Buying and selling, exchanging and bargaining. Talking in loud voices in a language I do not understand. They seem happy, excited and looking forward to the day ahead. There is a beautiful chaos spread all across the space. It has a pattern of its own.

A lady wearing a red sari, impossible to be unnoticed is selling beautiful flowers which spread a sweet fragrance all over the market. These flowers will soon be presented to the deity in the temple which is situated in the middle of the town center. It is also the most beautiful structure in the vicinity standing as tall as the pride the people of the town take in, in having played a part to build it. The lady who is selling flowers is now a busy woman as people begin to crowd around her shop to buy the beautiful, fresh flowers. The market is bustling with more noise than ever.

Amongst the crowd I see a small boy making his way through with a big red flower in his hand which he carries proudly as he walks towards the temple. He is happy and deprived of all the worries in life. Suddenly he finds his pace very slow and boring and begins to run. He runs until he reaches one of the four main gates that lead to the temple. He pauses at the entry gate and strains his neck high up trying to view the entire gopuram which according to him goes all the way up to the sky. He wonders how they managed to take all those heavy stones up there.

 After a few minutes he looks down awed by the scale of the entrance he decides to move ahead. Once inside he feels like he has entered a fantasy world. His eye sight fails to capture the beauty of the place around him. He has a thousand questions in mind. He then climbs the steps to the temple racing against the wind, carefully holding the red flower in his hand to keep it intact. He watches people entering the garbagriha through a shorter door. He follows an old man in and is surprised to see the space which seemed dark from outside to be lit with so many oil lamps on the inside. He then spots the beautiful idol of the goddess in the middle, a gentle smile spread across her face. He then notices her hand which is carrying a weapon. He is confused. Why would she carry a weapon? Brushing that thought away he happily keeps the red flower at her feet and bows down to the goddess praying that one day he will be able to make the world a better place to live in, so that the goddess will not need to carry a weapon.

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