Freer than Free

Every time I look at my soul which now I have engraved on my body in the form of a sign reading “infinitely free”, I end up questioning myself if I am really free. Considering the life long relationship I have had with myself and with all the trust and faith involved I can’t lie to myself. That’s when I realize I’m not free. In fact lately I’ve been very troubled to see myself struggling to move ahead with a heavy burden. I’m tired, exhausted and I can’t see things clearly. If I would want to make it clearer I would simply say I’m lost. Though it’s not a wrong path it’s a slower and unnecessarily painful one. But somehow with time I got used to it. I got attached to it. I began to believe that it’s the best one. I got into inertia.

And then Newton’s first law came into action. An external force acted and the resting period was over. It took hardly a few seconds for this act to happen. I changed. Everything changed, which was a result of the change in me of course. I met myself, who was caught up in worldly bothering and unnecessary baggage, which hindered my path. Things made sense. The door to the cage in which I was, was wide open. But then I was afraid to fly. I hadn’t flown in a long while, I was afraid. Could I still fly? Could I still stand the pressure of the wind? Did my wings still have enough strength in them? My whole life flashed in front of me. It was quick, quicker than my body could withstand. I felt exhausted. It wasn’t a common scenario at all. My mind couldn’t grasp the intensity of it but to my soul it wasn’t something unusual.

I could see it; I saw the point where I had accidentally drifted away from my path. I could see what blinded me. What once was a necessity had become the reason for my existence. Then suddenly I could see darkness. It became stronger with every moment and I drifted off into a deep sleep. When I woke up I thought that was a dream but it wasn’t. It was all hundred percent a part of my reality and for a change not a pseudo one. I was where I was, right here in the present.

I wondered what the external force really did. Smiling to myself I realized all it did was that it showed me the box. It made me realize that there is a cage. We often hear people using the term “think out of the box”. Do we ever realize that to think out of the box, initially we need to realize that there is a box in the first place? Till that happens we will always believe we are free. Because within the boundaries we set for ourselves we are always free. It is up to us to decide if we want our freedom to be bound or boundless. It is true that freedom can never go from bound to boundless in a day or two. It takes years, sometimes an entire lifetime isn’t enough. But all we can attempt to do is to extend the boundary a little bit every time. We can always try to be freer than the free!

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