Musings around Stepwells – II

Secluded and untouched in the cradle of a small village sits this magnificent structure. It is shy and humble as it is submerged for most of the time and never really speaks of its existence. To experience the beauty of this space in its true sense, one has to disconnect from the outside world, slow down, and be as humble as itself.

The long stretch of steps that lead to it resemble a river ghat.

Silence, soft breeze, the clear reflection of the blue sky and the trees peeking in; looks as though the still water was but a mirror.

If there were to be a paradise on the earth, then would it be any different from this? Such is the vibe of this space.

With the changing seasons, the space changes in the way it functions and looks too; almost as though it was one with the nature that surrounds it.

The space suddenly comes to life. The central platform that otherwise is submerged under water, turns into a stage. The steps are occupied by the audience who is sitting in anticipation of the upcoming performance.

The two smaller square platforms are lit up with oil lamps as the pavilion with the archways behind has all the musicians seated. The scene reaches the epitome of perfection and beauty when the space is filled with the sound of music and the ghungroos around the dancer’s feet.

The audience is enthralled and so is everything in the vicinity witnessing this spectacle. The soul of the space has come alive, only to die the next moment as it all disappears so quickly.
All that’s left is silence, the soft breeze and the reflection of the blue sky; all of it waiting to come alive in someone’s memory some other day.

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