‘SOULMATE’ –it’s a word which seems simple and nice to hear. But finding one is apparently quite difficult a task. Somehow everyone you come across is looking for one. But why is it so hard to find one? Are we looking in the right places? Are we looking in the right direction? Or, more importantly, do we really know what the word soulmate signifies?

When you ask people around you regarding what they feel about the concept of a soulmate, most of them will say something like, “A soulmate is that one perfect match or love who completes you and understands you completely”. They refer to soulmate in the singular. This would mean there is only one soulmate for someone, out of the billions of people on this planet. And since most people believe in this, they are conditioned to look for that one perfect person all their life, one who fits into their definition of a soulmate.

I have pondered over the meaning of soulmate for as long as I have known it. And over the years my perspective about the entire concept regarding it has evolved. I too used to feel that a soulmate is that one person whom you fall in love with and get married to and live with happily ever after. But with time I have realized there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. It isn’t a concept that is so shallow that it can be put in a box. I have come to realize that there is no single soulmate but there are many we meet in a single lifetime. In simple words any person who shows you a part of yourself which you have forgotten or never knew existed is a soulmate. It can be anyone- your friend, your partner, your sibling, your parent, or even a pet for that matter.

When a real soulmate enters your life, it is not a butterflies-in-the-stomach, violin-playing-in-the-background dreamy sort of feeling. They neither complete your sentences nor do they complete you. Instead, it’s more akin to the feeling of having a rug swept from under the feet, hit by a lightning bolt, or waking up with a jerk after sleeping for years. A real soulmate will set your soul on fire; he/she will be a mirror and show you exactly what you need to see. They come into your life for a very significant purpose. They reveal to you another layer of yourself. Even though most of us fail to consciously recognize our soulmates, our souls are well aware of this fact. Meeting a soulmate is a rare occasion. But the fact is that one encounter in a while is more than enough. Once the fire is lit, it lasts for a long time – but that will only happen if a person realizes the potential it holds.

Most of the time it so happens that our soulmate comes and goes, things change, our life changes altogether; but we fail to recognize him/her. This might happen because we are spiritually not evolved enough at that point. We continue to believe that one fine day, the“one person” will come and due to this we fail to realize that he/she might have already come and gone. People say they want to spend their entire life with their soulmate. Imagine how it would be to constantly live beside a burning fire. You could use it to light a fire of your own but you can’t step into it to become one; all it will do is burn you.

Besides, most of us religiously believe in the myth that says that we meet our soulmate in all seven incarnations. The terms “together forever” and “happily ever after” are known to everyone. I somehow happened to grow out of all this when I realized that forever is a very relative term. In fact, forever does not exist at all. All that ever exists is the present moment. Everything else is a pseudo-reality. So it will be true when I say your presence in the present moment and your presence in the present moment in the future are one and the same, though in the pseudo-reality you would feel that it has been forever. The soul, however, is infinite and is not bound by time. If we closely observe, we have conveniently found ways to put infinity into a box. We put everything in a box, just so that it becomes easy for us to grasp – but that does not mean that what we feel is the reality is really it.

In closing all I want to say is this: The language of souls is not an easy one to fathom. Do we understand it enough to define a soulmate, and is it something that can be defined at all?

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