The Mirage

Somewhere between the summer heat and a cup of my favorite ice cream I began to wish for winters. Immediately after that, another thought followed- the grass is indeed always greener on the other side of the fence. We all have been in this situation several times in our lives.In fact, I feel we are there most of the time. We only miss the cold winters when we are facing scorching hot summers; we miss home or a dear one only when we are away from them. I couldn’t help but wonder. Are we greedy? Or have we just drowned ourselves so deep into the pool of pessimism that we do not see the good in what we have? Does it have something to do with human nature or are we just not ready to see it for what it is? Have we gotten so used to being in a virtual reality that the present moment just does not count?

The thoughts kept haunting me from time to time. That is when I remembered all those times when I had the best of what I could have had, and still somewhere deep within I was always wondering how it would feel to be on the other side. I was afraid of the thought that occurred but the more I ignored it the more it took control of me. When I finally succumbed to it and gave it a lot of attention the picture became clearer.

Do we just want something because we know we can’t have it at that moment? And if at all in the end we actually do get it, are we sure that it will make us happy? The answer was simple but I chose not to look it in the eye. I feel it’s a kind of chase. A chase, that keeps you hooked and always wanting for something or the other. It’s a chase almost everyone is in ever since childhood. When our sibling got a new toy we wanted exactly that one, and we wanted it even more especially when our sibling wouldn’t let us have it. In a similar way we always want someone or something else. When we have it we ignore it, when we lose it we miss it and if by chance we have it again we don’t want it anymore. We crib with and without a job, a car, a decent house, a wonderful spouse, etc. But then there must be some reason behind it. I wondered- underneath all this running around, what exactly are we looking for?

The answer is simple. We all are looking for nothing but lasting happiness.The biggest question is, do we ever find it? I might be stating things that are extremely obvious. But we often ignore these very obvious things in life and they are the ones that actually make a lot of difference. When it is so obvious and simple then why is it so difficult to be happy? Why is it that we can never stand still happily? How or rather when will this chase end? Is there even a solution to it, or are we going to keep running all our lives? The questions were daunting and seemed unanswerable.

If we look closely we would realize that we only desire something when we ourselves don’t have it. If we had everything that we wanted we would be happy and content and wouldn’t look for it elsewhere.  Where we go wrong is this- we mistakenly believe that whatever we want, we will find in something or someone else- which is just a mirage.  What we do not realize is that whatever we are looking for is there within us. Maybe this is too philosophical and heavy for some of us to believe and understand. Let us look at it from another perspective.

We all know and accept that we are a small part of the whole universe. This logically means we are a whole in ourselves. Then the questions arises, how is it that we are not aware of this? Are we blind? Or is it simply that we chose to ignore it? Or maybe we aren’t capable enough to see ourselves clearly? Think about it- what if there is no other side of the fence? What if there is no fence at all?  What if it’s just you? What if the one you are considering as yourself is just the tree that you see above the ground and that its roots run deep within?

You may be involved in a number of chases and may run around the world looking for what you want but in the end you would always want to return back to yourself. Because the truth is that “You are the world!” 

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13 thoughts on “The Mirage

  1. Hey Vishrut yes, it happens to each one of us its just that we get so used to it that we do not realize it is happening. But we have to learn to rise above it. That's the only way to achieve lasting happiness. 🙂

  2. We actually run behind happiness to have it, but we forget one thing that the more we run behind it, the more farther it seems from us. So essentially we are running away from ourselves… 🙂

  3. This should be a must read for every human being. This process is so unconscious… and this beautiful article helps make it conscious. The realization itself equates to more than half the job done 🙂

  4. My thoughts are exactly the same as Saurav's above; the rat-race keeps us hooked. We need to wake up from the matrix.

    As always article's beautifully written & more importantly, reading your articles is a journey of self-discovery. Cheers!

  5. There is a time when knowledge becomes wisdom and the stagnancy becomes stability, and then may be the pursuit becomes can never chase a rainbow or a horizon,but certainly can be one..

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