The Mystery Woman

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ”
― Roseanne Barr

This is a story of a woman who has been fighting to keep her sensitivity, her vulnerabilities alive even after several blows from the world. Only she knows how much effort is involved to live a life like this. She never gives up. She gets up each time after a mighty fall and still has the heart to say ‘I am fine’. This woman is determined to make her own destiny.

She is not strong because she puts up a brave front; she is brave because she is not afraid of being her true self all the time. She is passionate. She is honest to the limit society cannot handle. She is selfish not because she is thinks only about herself; she is selfish because she is the only one who has to take care of herself after everyone has had enough of her and cannot handle her anymore.

She is intense. She is mysterious. She is a dreamer and she is irresistible.

She is extremely sensitive and she might even break down for every little thing that happens. But she is also the one who gives others hope, stands by them and shows them the right way. Most importantly, she always shows them facets of themselves that they are unaware of or are afraid of showing.

You will find her sitting in a corner busy with a book or lost in thought, sipping coffee slowly. You will find her alone in places where nobody dares to go alone. But she doesn’t really mind being alone because the fact is that really, she is alone in almost every sense. She might put up a façade of the most simple and expressionless woman but there is always a storm, or in the worst cases a cyclone, going on inside that can engulf everyone and everything around.

Can she love, you ask? She can love like no one ever has; the only problem is nobody can understand her language of love. She can be the most intense lover sometimes and fairly distant, almost a stranger, at other times. She lives in this world physically but she is usually much ahead of her time, building the world on her own terms, trying to make it a better place to live in for everyone around her who calls her nothing but a hopeless romantic and an unrealistic person.

She is intelligent and she can read you through, every single façade you put up to impress her. She might come across as a self-indulgent, narcissist person who can talk about herself all the time. But guess what, that unfortunately is not the truth, she loves herself just enough because she knows that in order for her to love others she has to first love herself.

She seems like one who is into herself all the time, which is also because she draws her inspiration from within and it has never wronged her till date. She is strongly intuitive and she also listens to her inner voice. She believes in humanity and is the most caring being you will ever find. She is egoistic and sometimes a little arrogant; she is sarcastic and has a great sense of humor because she knows she cannot survive in this world full of men without any of the above qualities.

You must be wondering, isn’t she beautiful? Because even if a woman is nothing else she has to be that for sure. Well let me enlighten you, she is very beautiful and just like so many other tenets of her personality, her beauty also comes from within.

Some days she might wear the most bizarre outfit and sometime she might just be very traditionally dressed. Basically, she does not care about what she wears because she knows regardless of what she wears she is being judged. She can read and get lost in a fairy tale and even think of her prince charming once in a while but then soon after that she laughs her ass off at her stupidity and is back to her life with a tinge of sarcasm and sometimes a lot of cynicism.

Although she is a cynic she hasn’t stopped believing in the good that exists in the world. She is hurt but she is not hopeless. She is maybe a little wounded and scared but she is not the kind who will give up so easily. She doesn’t have any point to prove, she just wants to be herself. She is now and she will always be.

Who is this mystery woman I am talking about, you ask? Well look around, you will be surprised. She is not extinct yet. In fact, she is everywhere. She just might be right in front of you now sitting in that corner, lost in her thoughts, sipping coffee.

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery Woman

  1. An interesting glimpse into the inner workings behind a woman’s personality. It might seem complex at the outset but it’s actually not!
    A must read for most people, especially those who’re quick to judge women. Very well put together. Keep it up.

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