The Tyranny of Time

They say time rules. But has anyone amongst us ever thought about how it came into power?

Time was once a contender for the throne of the supreme ruler of humanity, as were several others, including strong aspirants like Love, Luck and Destiny. There was a long drawn battle, and Time, with immense ability and guile, was able to emerge victorious. Just like every ruler assures us of the change he would bring about in our lives, Time made some pretty big promises too. It promised us that by following the clock, we would be able to make the most of every situation and opportunity in life. Along with this it also came up with a number of rules and “time-frames” for almost every activity in our life in order to regulate it.

Everyone was very happy with their new ruler and started placing more and more faith in him. Their belief in him and his ability eventually became so immense, that they accepted almost every aspect of him blindly. Soon, things became extremely regulated and life changed drastically for everyone.

Eventually, with the popular vote and love of his subjects, Time became all the more powerful. With his ever increasing power, he now began to impose his rule onto people. What was more, everyone got so used to him and his rule that they never even thought anything might be wrong with it.

Seeing the situation going out of hand,Time’s opposition, led by Love, began to raise their voice against him. They tried to make people realize how they had a life before Time became the ruler; about how there is a life much larger if they dare to look beyond the clock that they follow. But people had gotten so used to the tyrannical rule that the clock had become their sole support system. Their life revolved around their ruler. They gave him so much power over them that in return they had become slaves to his rule.

The tyranny had reached its height, and Love decided to revolt against Time and its rule. There was an all-out attack launched, and Love tried his very best. But in spite of this, he was vanquished by the mighty Time.

Ever since that revolt, a number of such battles have been waged against Time. However, as always,Time wins; because of the shadow he has cast on people. They fail to see through it, no matter what happens.

“I rule”, says Time to Love,
“I have the supreme power,
The world revolves around me,
You will also have to bow down to me one day.”
Love replies, laughing at Time’s ignorance and ego,
“You do not exist at all!”

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8 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Time

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